If you are somewhere close to the western world, then the idea of black Friday needs no introduction while the most people who belong to the rest of the world do not know what it means. So it is left up to us to explain what Black Friday means. Black Friday is usually the day that comes after the Thank Giving day and with Black Friday starts the Christmas Sale Season. On that day people all over the city rush to buy things that they need to fill their homes with for the Christmas. There are a lot of offers, and the retailers close that day with a lot of profit.

Black Friday was initially a bad day:

What we associate with the concept of Black Friday is a little contrary to what the name represents. That is what you probably thought when you heard of it for the first time. You thought it was something negative. Yes, initially people started calling the day after Thanks Giving a Black Friday because the streets were filled with traffic, it was not always safe to travel there was chaos everywhere. But the traders didn’t want it a symbol of negativity called Black Friday the day they had huge sales and made a lot of profits.

The others days are quite similar:

This is one thing that people are getting into their heads only in the recent times. There is usually all this rush and chaos on the Black Friday only because that day people got to buy things for profitable ventures and the sale is usually huge. But trust us, if you feel that the price of a product cannot go lower that, even if there are few more days for the Black Friday, it is better that you buy it. Similarly, if you had missed a sale on Black Friday, wait patiently, you might get a better price a few days later too.

Black Friday Existed In the 1800s too:

Though the Black Friday that we are talking about came into existence only in the year 1966, the term Black Friday already existed in the 1800s. The Black Friday that existed in the 17th century was a reference to the stock market crashes that happened at that point in time. Also, you must know that the term was associated with various other things at different points and in different regions and it denoted in majority a lot of negative factors unlike the Black Friday that we all know now.

It’s Big Friday now:

Like we already told you, when Black Friday was first called so in the year 1966, it was a negative term and it meant all the traffic and congestion that people caused as they rushed for sale. The retailers were not much happy with the idea, and they decided to turn that day into a positive one, and the called it a day of huge profits and day of big sale. Though the Black Friday is not completely taken off the records of history, people have also started calling the day Big Friday.